Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon

How would you like to reach us? Speeding through the lovely waters or by a sea-plane, taking off from the waters to getting a beautiful aerial view of the country? Let us know, and we’ll arrange for your choice of scenic transport.
please give us a chance to treat you to everything else we’ve got to offer. Try the delectable food at the lover’s deck, or a spa treatment that’ll calm your senses to a level that you’ll only want to sleep post that. We wish for you to capture every pleasant feeling from here, and keep it with yourself forever.



EYZ Lounge & Bar

We all know what a tropical storm can do to an island; while it’s a spectacular sight to witness, we bet you don’t want to do it getting drenched. And just because it rains, it doesn’t mean all the fun must end.
This is why our spacious, thatched-roof Sand Bar lets you dig your toes into the sand while you throw back some heady cocktails and continue with all the fun you were having on the island. We’re firm believers in the notion that rain or shine, the magic must continue!


Iruohsnee Bar

Located on the main decks of Ellaidhoo, this is a favourite hangout at any time of the day and night. Our staff will remember you by name and look forward to meeting and serving you here each day.

What makes this venue truly out of this world is probably the daily evening feed. Buckets of fresh seafood are given to the school of Jack Fish, a Sting Ray and even some herons that never forget drop by for their daily feeding at 5:30. To put it mildly – it’s a spectacular sight. But that’s not why we do it; we are honoured to give back to an ocean that has blessed us abundantly.


Madi Restaurant

Our biggest dining venue at Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon, Madi’s sandy floors keep you connected to the island while your taste buds travel the world. Great continental buffet-style meals are served at breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is probably why it’s constantly crowded with guests helping themselves to seconds and even thirds! Madi is a firm favourite with everyone on the island because its giant roof provides shelter from tropical storms and hot island days. At Madi, our diners use their mealtimes as a perfect break from their busy days outdoors.


Malamathi Restaurant & Bar

This is especially true of Malamathi Restaurant & Bar. Incidentally,Malamathi refers to the horizon at sunset – possibly due to its location being the perfect vantage point to view the sun go down to meet the horizon each evening.

The restaurant and bar are located close to the water bungalows for the convenience of our guests. A great buffet, great cocktails and multiple action stations, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We also serve select a-la-carte dishes at this exclusive semi-open venue that spreads out into the pool deck for a spacious outdoor atmosphere.